Specter Porsche

The Specter Porsche is the namesake of our brand, and the culmination of thousands of hours of development, design, craftsmanship and fabrication. "The Specter" is a traditional sports-car "special" which in the middle of last century, was a term that needed no explanation. Nowadays, a true "special" is a very unusual thing to behold.


A "special", is simply a specially designed car body built around the mechanical underpinnings of a more common factory-produced car. In the case of the Specter, the mechanicals are strictly Porsche 356- namely- the Engine, transaxle, suspension, brakes, steering, and all other ancillaries. But what makes the car truly unique is the slippery, one-off hand made aluminum body coupled to and extremely lightweight and strong triangulated space frame, all specially designed and produced in our workshop.